Lost Vape Ultra Boost UP Pro Coils


  • Brand: Lost Vape
  • Unit: set
  • Type: Vape Coils
  • Net Weight: 36(g)


Lost Vape Ultra Boost UB Pro Coil has been designed for use with the Lost Vape Ursa Quest Multi Kit. There are two versions of this coil available; the UB Pro P1 0.15ohm Coil, UB Pro P3 0.3ohm Coil to suit each vaper’s desired preference. Due to the low resistance, these coils are suitable for vaping in the sub-ohm range. You can use the UB Pro P1 coil to evaporate in the power range of 70 to 90 watts. In addition, the UB Pro P3 coil is suitable for a power range between 60 and 70 watts. According to the manufacturer, the UB Pro P3 0.3ohm Coil can be used for vaping in the TC mode. The temperature recommended by the manufacturer is 260 to 290°C or 500 to 550°C. Both coils have a mesh structure and are used for DL ​​(direct lung) vape. Vape the max wattage up to 90W and experience amazing flavor like any other sub-ohm tank. Please change the coil head regularly, which will provide you with a consistent vaping experience.


UB Pro P1 Coil 0.15ohm
  • Material: Ni80
  • Coil Resistance: 0.15ohm Mesh Coil
  • Rate: 70-90W
  • Available for: DL
UB Pro P3 Coil 0.3ohm
  • Material: SS904L
  • Coil Resistance: 0.3ohm Mesh Coil
  • Rate: 60-70W / 260-290°C / 500-550°F
  • Available for: DL
  • Quantity: 3pcs/pack
Compatibility: Lost Vape Ursa Multi Kit


  • 1* 3pcs Lost Vape Ultra Boost UB Pro Replacement Coils
  • Compatible with Lost vape Ursa